Portrait of an Editor

Portrait of the Editor

I, who belong to the realm of winged spirits,
Born of Devon heath and of the North Sea wind,
Both sleet-sorcerer and demon of stormy rocks,
Contemplate eternity and the dreams encircling eternity,
Upon the ash leaves on which I sleep.

(From Poem of a Delphic Night, published in Living Poets #6, October 1995)

I am a contaminated god,
A perverse aphorism,
And my verses smell of twisted marrow,
Spheres of virulent shame,
Insolent scum of wisdom.

(From Hoberon, published in Angel Exhaust Fifteen, Autumn 1997, Cambridge, UK)

Locust Magazine is edited by Patrick Gasperini. Patrick also writes thrillers and pulp-noir stories under the pseudonym Phil Gerraud.
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